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Donuts and Cars…

by | Aug 15, 2022 | Voice Over News

As the voice of a brand, they have what is called “exclusivity’. Meaning…if you are the voice of a product/brand, you cannot be the voice of a competitive brand or product in that same category.  Being the voice of Dunkin’ means that I cannot work for any other donut or coffee brand.  Same with Toyota…since you can hear my voice on TV and radio for the Toyota vehicles, it’s recognized as being the Toyota voice, and hence I can’t work for a competitor…that would be weird.  When you book for these larger brands, the goal is to ultimately become their “voice” and become recognizable as the voice of the brand.  It’ provides value to what you do and if it’s successful…you can keep the job for a while.  I have been the voice of Toyota for seven years now and am so grateful for their support!  For Dunkin’…I’m going on two years and over 5 commercials!! Dunkin’ TV Spot, ‘Rapunzel’

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