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April showers bring May Flowers and the CMT Music Awards!

by | Apr 10, 2022 | Voice Over News

I love that saying.  Probably because I love both the rain and the flowers.  Spring is in effect and the seasons are changing.  I always love aligning with the weather.  Mother Earth is super amazing and it’s so important to stay grounded in my hectic ever evolving world.  April is the Earth month, and the month of the birth of my little girl.  So yeah…it holds a lot of significance for me.  I will never forget that day in 2016, when I birthed my baby girl.  She was two months early and boy what a scare.  She spent 26 long days in the NICU, but she was absolutely perfect.  Small…but perfect.   We were so lucky to have her be as healthy as she is.  Thankful for western medicine because without the NICU, my little one would not be with us today.  She is my little flower and I am super grateful to be her mom.

What I also love about this year in April, is that the CMT Music Awards has moved from June to April!  That show is always a blast to work on. I get to LIVE announce majority of the show.  So yeah…it’s a little nerve racking because you can’t mess up!  I will be heading to Nashville with my little girl (she loves going to Nashville) and taking my girlfriend with me who loves country music!  Please stay tuned and listen for me this Monday, April 11th on CBS!!

Thanks, y’all!


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