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Promos Promos!! Paramount + and SyFy!

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Voice Over News

December is dashing, and I’m “Dashing in December” as one of the voices of Paramount +. It’s been such a wonderful experience working with new producers.  I have been treated very well by the Paramount family over the years, voicing many shows as well as their networks. SyFy Channel has been using me for some of their new animated series.

Promos are so much fun for me to do.  It’s such an art.  It’s timing, connecting with the audience, and delivering the information in the most natural way possible, with still matching the attitude of the show . SyFy is cool…so I have to move into that zone with my voice to make sure I’m delivering a tonality that matches the show I’m promoting, and it’s sometimes hard when you don’t watch the show.  Promos also require a keen sense of timing. I have to say things in 3 seconds or 5 seconds. And deliver information clearly and concisely or it gets cut off. I was fortunate enough to learn so much about promos and have years of practice when I was the voice of the Style Network and also PAC-12 Network, at the same time. Talk about two very different types of promo work!  But it gave me the confidence to do what I’m doing now.  Promos for the win!

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