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It’s a New Year, and a New Day!

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Voice Over News

Happy New Year, everyone!!   Have you all made your resolutions?  How many of you actually KEEP those resolutions?  It’s hard sometimes as we move through life and forget what we actually said so we can hold ourselves accountable for it.  I know I don’t make resolutions all at once at the beginning of the year.  I make new ones as they come to me.  I feel like if I can make smaller goals (with the larger in site), then I can accomplish it much easier.  I do need to get better at goal setting.  I have become much better at living in the present, that the future looks so far away.  But I do need to learn that the end goal is still as good as the journey.  This month, as usual, has been a little light on auditions and bookings.  I did book a Casino job which is suppose to be recurring work, so we shall see on that one.  So I have taken this time to brush up on my own skills.  I’ve been working with my coaches to make sure I am staying focused, connected, and having perspective on my reads.  Knowing what the client is trying to say but adding my own style to it.  I think that is so important.  I also think that every January, I will try to reconnect with my own work and take a few workshops and work with my coaches to prep for the new year.  Let’s make that my new year’s resolution and see if I can hold myself accountable for it!

Happy January 2022!  Cheers to a fantastic new year!



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