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Sweet Success!

by | Feb 27, 2020 | Voice Over News

I really love booking sizzle reels for shows that are trying to get sold! It’s such an honor to be booked as the voice of a show when production is so excited about pitching it and hoping it will get picked up.  This one was called Sweet Success! It’s a show for kids all about candy and obstacles they have to participate in, in order to advance to the next round and win lots of cash, candy and prizes!  I’ve recorded a lot of sizzle reels and it’s always exciting to use a different part of my personality and voice.  When appealing to kids, it’s such a different energy and tone that I use vocally than when I do my promos, for example.  VO is acting work and advertising at the same time.  And also sales!  Quite the combination to be selling, voicing, advertising, and acting all at once.  It’s an art, really, and one I am lucky enough to do every damn day!

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