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March Madness…literally!

by | Mar 30, 2021 | Voice Over News

Three national commercials booked this month plus all of my regulars!!  Wow, March Madness to say the least.  I am so excited about being the voice of Botox for Migraines.  This is slated to be a huge campaign.  Of course, I book the job stating all of the side effects and make them not sound so bad.  What is great about this type of job, is that they can lift my portion of it and use it for future commercials without having to book another recording session.  Pretty amazing.  Second national is for Trelegy, which is a COPD medication.  Again…I am here to make the indications or side effects not sound so bad.  Glad my soothing voice can lend itself so well to medications! Fender Play is a new guitar learning app and I am also happy to report that I am the voice for that as well!  Woolite finally booked me for the on air spots!  So happy to be their new voice.  They asked for exclusivity, which usually means it will play nationally in all markets.  Exclusivity means that I cannot be the voice of any other detergent.  Which I totally get, since it would be weird to hear the same voice on competing products.  Lots of other bookings for my regulars as well, but those three stood out.



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