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Home Studio Advice

by | Feb 10, 2021 | VO Business, VO Business Advice

With COVID seemingly not ending anytime soon, so many VO artists who did not have home studios are SCRAMBLING to get equipment so they can compete in now what has become a home recording studio VO world.  Before this, the actual sound quality of your recordings were a small part of the actual audition.  Because ad agencies or networks always had options of you going into a true recording studio to record the final version of the job.  But now that is not the case.  Sound quality MATTERS!!

For me, this has been amazing since it basically cuts down on the competition since not everyone can all of a sudden compete with those of us who have invested tens of thousands of dollars on a sound booth, high quality microphones, pre amps. editing software and programs like Source Connect that is absolutely the industry must have right now (it’s the Zoom of VO). But for others, this has not been the case. If you are looking to start a home recording studio, there are many things you can purchase to start sounding like a professional studio.  If you are interested in talking “business”, you can contact me through my site and we can schedule an appt to get you up to speed on what you need to “sound” good in this now changed VO world.



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