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Voice over from a Boat…

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Voice Over News

What a busy few months it has been!  Finally feeling comfortable to travel long trips and hopefully this pandemic is starting to settle a bit.  Went to Croatia, and it was sooooo beautiful!  It was one of my best friend’s birthday so we got a boat and sailed the Adriatic.  Such a gorgeous country.  We had an extra cabin in our catamaran so I was lucky enough to turn it into my VO studio!  I brought my equipment with me and since we were 9 hours ahead time wise, I would record while out at sea, and upload my auditions once we were on land.  Quite the studio, I must say.  My friends were very interested and impressed at how I was able to make this work. Good thing I have great editing software where I can silence the lapping sounds of the waves against the boat.  Had a few sessions where I was able to record and send it in without using Source Connect.   Took my family on a vacation to Costa Rica as well this month.  Such an amazing country.  The people, the green, the waves, the howler monkeys!!  I am sure they got into a few recordings here and there.  But all in all, I made it work with my summer travel plans and recording.

Oh oh!!  And I booked a Dunkin’ commercial! My first one!!  I have auditioned for so many of these and I finally booked it! Yay!!  Check it out below!  Wait for it at the end…



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