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More Younger promos!

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Voice Over News

Hey everyone!!  What an amazing month, especially for my Younger, promos! I’ve done a ton of recordings for them…billboards, cross promos with big brands for commercials, and TV spots.  They have been such an amazing client of mine for five years and I’m hoping and manifesting that they have me on again for Season 6!!  I will know more after this summer, but I’m just putting it out there in hopes my dreams come true!!  It’s been quite a busy summer for auditions as well, so hopefully I book another new job very soon.  It can get stressful at times!  While I like to write about all the bookings I’m fortunate enough to get, there are so many jobs I do NOT book…and it can be overwhelming at times.  But that’s the VO world…tons of “no’s” before you hear the “yes”.  You have to have the stomach and the stamina to withstand the rejection.  This is why I am so grateful and lucky to have my repeat clients that work me every single month, several times.  This has been a dream job, especially for being a mom and working from home.  I am forever grateful for the opportunities I have had and been able to secure to make a living in an industry that is so up and down.  So thank you, Younger, for having me back year after year representing your show!!

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