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Cerveza, por favor! Corona…

by | Oct 25, 2019 | Voice Over News

I’ll admit…one of the main reasons I got into voice acting was so I could travel while working.  I value free time so much, and having a career that lets me globe trot was top of mind.  I’m a performer by trade and by life.  I could not imagine a world where I didn’t perform!  Taking the ego out of being seen and being willing to be heard instead, presents me with a freedom I did not have by being an on camera actor.  I love travel.  I also love performing.  And those two are typically hard to mix while auditioning and needing to be stationary in either LA or NY.  Having a career in voice overs has allowed me to not only pursue my love of travel, but be able to take my work anywhere in the world.  I’ve recorded jobs in Ireland, French Polynesia, Iceland, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico and Spain, to name a few.  This also means that I don’t travel lightly…a checked bag is almost always 100% happening.  I have an entire travel kit I take with me.  As long as there is strong wifi, I can work.  This October, while in Mexico on a mom’s retreat, I recorded an audition for Corona.  As fate would have it…I booked it!  Extremely happy to record my first beer commercial, for a Mexican beer, and having auditioned while in Mexico!  Cheers!!

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