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2018 CMT Music Awards

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Voice Over News

Hey y’all!!  I’m flying to Nashville, TN, today to LIVE announce the 2018 CMT Music Awards!!  This is my second year in a row as the announcer and I am THRILLED they asked me back!!  It’s so much fun flying to a city to announce a show.  I have my own sound room backstage and a little red button I press when I announce live.  I’ve got producers talking in my headphones the entire time so not only do I get to watch the show on a screen, I get to hear all of the behind the scenes as well.  Many people ask me if I get nervous since I’m live and really can’t mess up!  But truthfully, I don’t get nervous.  I stay very focused and channel any nerves into the excitement of my reads.  Awards show energy is BIG, and connecting with the viewers is my main focus.  I want to make sure I’m able to give the artists the respect they deserve as well as the sponsors and the network.  All of the intros and categories are recorded in studio at the CMT HQ building in Nashville, but everything else on the show is me talking live.  It’s so much fun, but also hard work.  So if you’re a country fan (or just want to support me J), please tune in to watch the awards show!!

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