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February is much more than Groundhog Day!

by | Feb 28, 2022 | VO Business

We can all feel that spring is on the horizon!  But until then, we can still enjoy the crisp air of the winter time.  Sometimes I forget that it’s still freezing cold in many parts of the world during this time.  Being in the bubble of Los Angeles, it seems to we forget all about winter.  I took a trip to NY this February to see my NY team of agents and managers, since it had been a WHILE since this little pandemic happened.  It was so great to connect with my agents and my manager.  Always good catching up and getting to see people in person.  With VO it can be hard at times, because you talk and are not seen.  So it’s always important to make face to face connections and keep the relationship alive.  I’ve been so grateful for my NY team and have booked a lot of work through them.  They are fantastic people and I am lucky to work with them hand in hand.  Many of you want to know the difference between an agent and a manager.  There is some overlap between the two, but mainly agencies are there to negotiate contracts and provide you with the opportunities of auditions.  Managers can do the same, but their client roster is much smaller and they pay more attention to how you market yourself.  Majority of my managers started as agents and moved to the management side.  It’s been wonderful to have both agents and managers at this level in my career.  I do get some cross over opportunities, but mainly they all have different relationships so their client roster is varied.  This helps in being able to get auditions from many different areas whether commercials, promos. animation. networks, etc.

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