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CBS Tony Awards!

by | May 21, 2022 | Voice Over News

Awards Shows are the best!  Especially when you book a network gig straight off of your audition!!  WOO HOO!!  This calls for celebration!  It is so competitive to book a network gig as of late.  So many people have access to creating VO now remotely.  When something like this happens, it truly is like hitting the lottery.  I can imagine the hundreds of submissions of auditions for this.  It was two lines…and I booked it!  My favorite words from my agents!  I will be doing all of the promos leading up to the show, which airs in June!  So if you are watching CBS and you hear a promo for the Tony Awards!  Yep…that’s me!!  It’s also my Birthday month, so I can definitely say this was one of the best birthday gifts I could have been given!

Hope you are all doing well!



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