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March Madness…times 2!

by | Mar 30, 2022 | Voice Over News

So it seems like springtime is a booking season for me.  The air is fresh, the feeling of warmth is around us and new bookings are in the air!  Woolite reached out to my agency and wants to update their script and run my commercials again!  This is HUGE!!  I also booked a new commercial for Stelara (yep…I’m the woman that makes the side effects not sound so bad).  I love working for these medical companies.   When you read the side effects, it always has the opportunity to get used over and over again even in different commercials.  So let’s hope this one runs a lot in all markets!  I also got to play an avocado in a commercial for Aldi!  That was super fun.  Valley girl like voice to contrast the attitude of the tomato.  See…some of my jobs can be very character driven!  I mean, I have never played an avocado before so this was definitely a first.  And Lo and behold…I was in NY, so I got to record from my travel kit!  I also worked a lot for Bally Sports and recorded some internal training video recordings for Mazda.  All in all…it was a good month. I will take March Madness in VO, any time!



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