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January bookings!

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Voice Over News

January has been an awesome month!  Yes…we are still in somewhat of a lockdown and wearing masks, but I have the good fortune of being able to work in my own studio.  This has been such a blessing during this time.  Recording studios have basically shut down (I mean…would you want to share a mic?) so thankfully I’ve had my studio and can work seamlessly from it.

As for bookings this month…I have had the good fortune to keep working for SYFY and other Viacom promos.  Temptation Island, USA, and Magical Girl Friendship Squad to name a few.  Also this month,  I recorded some more commercials for Casper Sleep, Toyota radio and TV and booked a huge national commercial for Marshall’s!!  Woo hoo!!  Sometimes in VO, our work does not make it out to the public, but rather stays internally for certain companies.  I just became the voice of the Mazda training videos for their service department and technicians.  So it’s me walking them through their online training and explaining what they see on the screen.  It’s a pretty cool gig.



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